»As the soil in the springtime I welcome love, I feel loose in its grace both in the rain and the sun down to my roots; should you come, I shall turn into a garden of blossoms; when you come, tread barefoot the garden and I shall turn into dew on the feet of your dreams.« (C. Zlobec)

This is how the Botanical Garden of Sežana, located beside the Mirasasso Villa, welcomes its visitors. In the sun and the rain, the garden is open for anyone who admires the beauty of nature and its exceptional cultural legacy. It is the garden of impressed past traces, present experiences, and future prospects. It is a garden of difference.

The origins of the garden date back to 1848, when a man from Trieste, a native Greek, Giovanni Scaramangà di Hiccolo Cavaliere bought the property in Sežana and built the Mirasasso Villa (to admire stone) as a counterbalance to the Trieste castle of Miramare (to admire sea). In the following years, he began arranging the garden in the style of the Italian bourgeois gardens of that time. As the owner of a fleet and a botany enthusiast, he brought trees and other plant species from different parts of the world, many of which thrive in the garden today.

In 1890, a greenhouse was additionally built, reminiscent of the Schönbrunn greenhouse in Vienna. Upon entering, the elegant white-framed greenhouse, consisting of the main part with a glass cupola and two lateral front-glazed aisles, takes us takes back to the time of impeccably furnished rooms with snow-white sand strewn paths and white curtains of windowpane. Giovanni Junior, who inherited the estate in 1927 from his mother Mirtò (the daughter of Giovanni Senior), possessed the garden with enthusiasm and love for nature and neatness until its nationalization in 1948.

After that year, the fate of the garden was left to the ravages of time and circumstances until the Sežana Municipality became its owner, when it was handed over to the management of legal predecessors, of the current managing authority of the Botanical Garden of Sežana, Municipal Housing Company, i.e. Komunalno stanovanjsko podjetje d.d. Sežana. Nowadays, the garden welcomes its visitors as a place of natural value of national significance, a natural monument and heritage of garden architecture. The garden is clearly distinguished from its counterparts by its distinctiveness. It is distinguished by its story.